Typically on each KIIS Summer or Winter study abroad program, two faculty from any of the (full member) KIIS consortium schools accompany the Program Director. Each faculty member teaches two courses abroad (the Program Director teaches one course) during a given 4-5 week KIIS Summer program; faculty teach one course on a given short-term Summer or Winter program. With the exception of language courses, all instruction is in English. All course credit is issued by our Sponsoring Institution, Western Kentucky University (WKU). In compliance with WKU & SACS standards, each KIIS course totals at least 37.5 instruction hours. Click here for more on KIIS academic policies.

Because the faculty members who go abroad on KIIS programs vary each summer (or winter), the great majority of courses offered differ from one summer to the next. This practice provides students with added flexibility (i.e. should they decide to participate on KIIS programs in more than one summer) and allows faculty to teach on virtually any KIIS summer program. For instance, one summer the KIIS Austria program may offer (depending on the faculty who have applied to teach) Art, Business, German, and Psychology courses while the next summer it may offer Business, Communication, History and Leadership Studies options.

KIIS welcomes faculty from all disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, law, business, and engineering. Four of our programs (Munich, Paris II, Spain I, and Spain II) are language only (language professors may still opt to teach language courses on other KIIS programs). The Salzburg program is geared towards music majors (both vocal and instrumental). The Argentina, Austria, and Chile programs each offer two Business or Economics courses (faculty may teach Business/Econ courses on other KIIS programs as well). The Ecuador program has a Biology focus. The Tanzania program includes a Public Health and Nursing focus. Faculty from all other academic fields may teach on any KIIS program (minus Munich, Paris II, Salzburg, Spain I, and Spain II). Faculty are not required to speak the language of the host program (the Program Director speaks said language).

Faculty Application Deadlines:
  The faculty application deadline for Summer 2019 programs is March 1, 2018 (approx. 14 months prior to the program start date).
  The faculty application deadline for Winter 2018-2019 programs is Nov. 15, 2017 (approx. 14 months prior to the program start date).

Faculty Application Checklist (completed in KIIS database):
  Create a username and password for the KIIS database here.
  Then complete your profile in the KIIS database
  Once your profile is complete, select "My Applications and Supporting Documents"
  Click the "+" sign to "Add application" and then select by your desired "year, term and program".
  Once you have a KIIS program listed with your account, complete the following items:
        Upload a PDF copy of your CV
        Complete Part 1 (Proposed Courses)
        Complete Part 2 (Supplemental Information)
        Enter your Faculty Supervisor Information
        Part 3 (Additional Programs) is an optional section. Complete it if you wish to indicate interest in multiple KIIS programs for a
           specific term. This section asks for course titles and descriptions for 1-2 KIIS programs. Please do NOT create separate
           applications for each program of interest.

Click for more info: KIIS Faculty teaching opportunities / Faculty Application Questions & FAQ's / 2018 Faculty Contacts

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