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Alumni Quotes
Design Element "Learning on-site allows you to take abstract concepts from textbooks and lectures and transform them into physical objects that you can see and touch. This interactive experience with your new-found knowledge allows you to make comparisons, retain information, and apply concepts in a far more efficient and meaningful way." - Austin, Berlin '12

Design Element "My experience abroad taught me that I am strong enough. Strong enough to leave everyone and everything I know, go a foreign land, and come through it, not only having survived, but thrived!" -Maggie, Greece '10.

Design Element "In Merida, Mexico I was be able to speak and learned to communicate and immerse myself within the Spanish language and culture. Over time, I have noticed better improvements in being able to express my thoughts more freely and enjoy my time with my fellow Spanish majors and minors." - Tracy, Mexico '12.

Design Element "My time spent abroad helped me tremendously. I am more confident in my travel abilities in general (making flights, navigating cities, understanding public transportation, etc.). I am able to better understand those who are in new . I am able to work well with a variety of people thanks to my time abroad. It also gives me something to talk about with other people who have been abroad." - Tessa, Denmark '11

Design Element "Studying abroad allowed me not only to make new friends and step outside of my comfort zone, but also to see the world through a different culture." -Kayla, Spain I, '11
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